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Available snoods!
Different size, different colors. If you are interesting in some of this snoods please contact me.
We will be in this shows:
1. “Baltic Winner” in Riga, 9.-10.11.13.
2. FCI-9 group dog show in Riga 30.11.13.
3. National dog show in Liepaja 07.-08.12.13.
4. Internation dog show in Vilnius 14.-15.12.13.
5. National dog show in Tartu 11.-12.01.14.


Unlike Dolly Parton’s coat of many colours, those of our Cavaliers are inherited from both their parents! I hope on this page to explain how and why, and to provide a colour chart which will show what colour coats can be inherited from different coloured parents.

I have written this up both to clarify in my mind the information that I have collected, and in the hope that it may also help other people’s basic understanding of the subject.

At the bottom of the page there is a form for adding your comments, criticisms and corrections. These will be added directly to the page when you submit the form.

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